The Observatory today

The Aigoual Observatory is the last mountain meteorological station still active in France. It is an efficient station with a modern range of instruments to test measuring equipment under extreme conditions, while the exhibition at the meteorological museum attracts more than 150 000 people a year.
Two complementary organisations share the Observatory ; the Météo France staff with the same scientific work as any other weather station, and the A.A.A. staff who keep the exhibition running.

The Observatory staff now consists of a station chief, four meteorologists, four maintenance workers, one of whom is responsible for the measuring equipment tests, and a woman employee of the association. Tania the dog, and two cats, Francine and Zézette, make up the rest of the team.
For security reasons the Observatory is occupied day and night by at least one technician and one maintenance worker. Daily work consists of continuous observation of the weather and producing detailed forecasts for the Aigoual Massif...

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