Experience acquired from experiments in a natural environment :

Detecting and measuring ice on an aeroplane wing.
Analysis of water and the air.
Testing temperature and humidity sounding-rods.
International anemometric comparative data organised by the world meteorological organisation, bringing together data from 30 sensors in 11 different countries.
Tests for heating of sensors to ensure protection against winter frosts.
Picking up data from an automatic Swiss station.
Testing water tight cabinets and boxes for Météo Swiss.
Testing television transmitters.
Testing satellite dishes.

Range of checks and measurement

Measuring ultra-violet rays for use with plastics and other materials.
Checking an electric fuse-box is watertight.
Electronic detection of magnetic fields during storms.
Mechanical testing of a "high voltage" interrupter by remote control during frost.
Television transmitters : physical resistance and studying the transmission of radio waves during frost.
Military equipment : aircraft, shipping.
Heated rain gauge in accordance with the local temperature.
Studying the performance of paints and varnish.
Storm protection for covering material or wooden facings.
Waterproof materials.

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